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Should You Learn Every New Programming Language or Framework After Its Release?

Should you learn a brand new programming language or framework as soon as it comes out, or should you wait ’til it becomes more popular? Lets talk about that today.

The question was whether you should learn a new programming language or framework when it comes out or as soon as it comes out or should you wait till it becomes more popular. Well, hopefully, the answer is fairly obvious, you should really wait, and the reason for that is there is so many new programming languages and frameworks being released.

That really there is just no time for one programmer to actually learn them all. So if you spent all your time waiting for a new language or framework to come out and immediately jumped on it. Firstly, its gonna take you so much time to try and learn all these things because you’re gonna get overwhelmed by the sheer number of new releases, but secondly that if you using this to kick-start a career or to get a better job in programming then if that language or framework never becomes popular then that is not going to work, is it? Because no one is going to be using it.

So I would wait until you’ve found that language or framework has gained some popularity. Now, obviously if you doing this for fun, if you just want to learn something in your spare time then by all means pick up a new language or framework, I have done that in the past and I will continue to do it, I’ll pick on a obscure programming language just to try it out just to see what it is all about, absolutely that’s another reason, but if you are doing this as a career, and you thinking this will look good on your resume to have all these languages and frameworks. Then I would consider just practicing on a few good, very popular programming languages or frameworks. Sticking to those and getting good at those only and not trying to learn absolutely every programming language or framework that comes out.

I hope that helped. If you got any questions feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you.

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