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Programming Q&A: Got Programming Questions That Need to Be Answered?

In the last few months I've published well over a hundred blog posts on this website answering some of your biggest questions relating to programming careers and just programming advice in general. Today, I'm asking for your help. I'm running out of ideas to post and I need you to come back and talk to me and tell me what you're after.

Welcome back, my name is Tim Buchalka and this isn't a blog post where I've got a tip. I'm actually asking you for some help and what I'm looking for is for you to come back and tell me some of your burning questions relating to programming. What are you getting stuck on? What are the questions you really need some answers to? I'll endeavor to answer those in the coming month because as I mentioned earlier in this post, I'm running out of ideas to create new content.

I'd like to get five blog posts a week out on this website at least but I'm struggling to come up with the concepts because I've already covered well over a hundred in my previous posts relating to programming careers and just general programming advice. So please leave a comment on this post.

Tell me what are your biggest burning questions you've got about programming careers? What are your fears? What are your goals? What are you aspirations? You know, what's holding you back? What are the stumbling blocks? Any questions relating to programming, hit me up with them.

Now is your opportunity to ask me and I'm going to endeavor to create blog posts on almost all the questions that are asked as a comment here. So if you've got a question relating to programming, leave it as a comment in this blog post and I'm gonna do my best to answer that in a future article. Hopefully, I can go back to releasing five blog posts a week once I've got a good, healthy mix of questions that I can start answering for you.

So that's it, very short post today. Not really much in the way of advice but hopefully you can come back with some questions and that will help me produce better articles, more posts that answer your questions. I'll look forward to catching you in the next blog post!

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