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Is It Necessary to Learn Multiple Programming Languages?

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

So do you need to learn multiple programming languages to get a job? Let's talk about that today.

Today, we are talking about the need or if there is a need for you to learn multiple programming languages to get a job.

The reason that's come up is somewhat of a recent comment of a student asking or saying that he's going to learn three programming languages: C, C++, and Java, or one of a path accompaniment of the third one and that was his goal to get a job. What I've indicated to him, I replied to the comment and I actually said, "Look, you don't need to learn three programming languages necessarily. One programming language may be enough".

Many people who are starting out a career in programming have started out with one programming language. So don't think that you need to learn three courses and you need to spend years of learning, you know, various courses and frameworks to get your first programming job.

One, knowing one programming language may well be enough and the second thing I'd add there is if you're learning three programming languages, you're probably spreading skills a little bit thinly across three programming languages rather focusing on one programming language.

The hardest job you're probably going to get is your first programming job. Well, the hardest process will be coming from someone who's got no experience. So, you're going to be tested to see what your level of knowledge of that particular language that you're going for is more than likely, as it's often the case but not always, but it's often a case that there'll be a programming test. What I'm getting at is you should really learn one programming language fairly well in my opinion first before you start learning other programming languages.

So I would focus on a mainstream language and I've talked about this in other blog articles, Python and Java are two great programming languages to start with. Reason is that they're so versatile in so many different areas to get into once you know those programming languages so definitely don't think you need to learn two or three different programming languages when you're first starting out. Learning one programming language well may well be enough and once you've done that, you hopefully lead on to get to your first job.

Now, one other thing that I will say depending on the language, let's say for example you picked Java, what could be yet, and what could be good way to get that first job is to learn Java first for example but then try and understand and make sure that you learn the basics. Learn the basics from that probably one course or an ebook.

Secondly, try and understand something about the data structures and in a bit more detail and prep some algorithms as well. That could be a great way also to improve your skills by understanding how stored data, understanding what data structures are but also understanding algorithms, cause that's a common thing that you'll need to do as a programmer: solve specific problems. If you know and understand many algorithms, which a typical programming course will actually teach you, then you'll be better prepared to basically get that first job.

Thirdly, another great thing you can do is get into design patterns. Design patterns are a great way. They're like a blueprint to solve specific problems. So if you basically learn one language, its enough to learn those three aspects of it and I think you'd be well placed to get your first programming job.

All right, so hope that helped. If you've got any questions, feel free to leave a comment and I'll get back to you.

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