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Can You Use Any IDE When Learning How to Code?

When you’re learning how to program should you use a particular program like Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA or can you use any IDE? Let’s talk about that today.

The question was whether you need to use a particular program when learning how to program. Now, what I’m gonna do is use the analogy of my Java masterclass and that’s a class that I’ve got a new to me that teaches people how programming Java. Now, in that particular programming course, I use a product called IntelliJ IDEA by JetBrains. Now, the reason I chose that one when I actually created the course is that firstly there’s a free edition no cost. But secondly it makes you as a programmer extremely productive. It’s got lots of shortcuts and ways to do things in a fraction of a time compared to other program IDEs integrated development environments like Eclipse and NetBeans.

But that doesn’t mean you have to use that particular IDE when you’re following along and the same applies generally to most courses. So if you’ve got a passion you wanna use Eclipse or NetBeans or some other IDE, absolutely, you can do that but obviously keep in mind that there’ll be a few things that will look different because the program created by another company the interface which is you have a screen is going to look different to what you see in the videos but the actual code can be typed in the Java code works on any IDE in general. So you if you wanna use NetBeans or you wanna use Eclipse, you can do that but you wanna stick to IntelliJ IDEA.

In this example, you can do that and look at this very normal when you get out there and you start working that you’re for in particular companies standardize on particular products. So it’s not gonna be a wasted skills if you learn IntelliJ IDEA for example. In a particular programming course and you get your first job then using Eclipse. Then you don’t have to throw away everything you learned the Java skills you’ve learnt will still apply. You’ll just need to understand the learn the interface which will be different in Eclipse. But look you picked it up very quickly. So I would say that in general use the IDE that a company or the person who’s created the video course has used in the video course try it out and see whether you like it. But if you wanna go back to something you’re more familiar with or something that you think you should be using. You can do that as well and it’s not gonna cause you any harm. You still gonna have to complete the course and still get look good on your resume.

I hope that helped. If you’ve got any questions feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

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